7 Winter Cocktails to Drink Now

Let’s play a little game.  Imagine, for a second, that it’s a few days before Christmas.  Your significant other has surprised you with tickets to the symphony (or Opera… or John Legend’s Legendary Christmas Tour… you choose!).  It’s a bitter cold evening; snow is in the forecast.  The wind cuts through your jacket with its icy fingers as you walk with your lover, arm-in-arm, toward the warm lights of the theatre doors.  Your partner feels you shiver and presses closer as the doorman throws wide the massive glass doors and you step into a whirlwind of theater-goers; the room is a dizzying and disorienting blur of tuxedo blacks and showy holiday evening gowns.  You arrive a little early so your partner takes you by the hand and whisks you through the swirling crowd to the bar at the far end of the lobby where the smell of tobacco and Dior J’adore hangs in the air like the London fog.  You are handed a beautifully crafted cocktail menu, curated, you’re told, by none other than the theatre manager himself, who dabbles in the art of mixology on the side.  Each drink is designed to chase away winter’s cold and lull you into a state of ultimate contentedness against the symphonic backdrop of the evening’s performance.  The only question now is, which one will you choose?




White Christmas

– White Christmas –

French vodka + raw vanilla liqueur + crème de menthe + rich cream

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Calvados Martini

– Calvados Martini –

French vodka + Calvados + Cointreau + fresh apple

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Whiskey Alexander Cocktail

– Whiskey Alexander –

whiskey + crème de cacoa + rich cream + nutmeg and vanilla

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– Irish Coffee –

fresh brewed Kona coffee + Irish whiskey + a touch of brown sugar and almond

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French 75

– French 75 –

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne + London Dry Gin + a lemon twist

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– Banana Bread Hot Buttered Rum –

spiced rum + banana & brown sugar syrup – pastured butter + seasonal spices

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– Rum Apple Cider Punch –

black spiced rum + organic apple cider + Vermont maple syrup

Get the recipe

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