Here’s a collection of some of my favourite kitchen and barware tools and decorations. These are the things I use almost daily and can’t cook without. Some items contain affiliate links and, if you purchase through these links, I earn a small percentage which is used to cover the cost of maintaining this website.

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Reed & Barton Soho Crystal 2pc Martini Glass Set, 1.95 LB, Clear

I constantly receive compliments when I serve cocktails in these glasses. They’re my favourite set.

Le Creuset PG8200-1067 Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker, 27 oz, Cerise

My secret for making perfect French press coffee is to add a small pinch (approx. 1/16 tsp per pot) of sea salt to the coffee grounds before pouring in the hot water. The salt balances the bitterness and tames the acidity. Don’t worry – you can’t taste the salt at all.

Villa Acacia Extra Large Wood Cutting Board 24 x 18 Inch, 1.25 Inches Thick, Reversible Wooden Kitchen Block

A large wooden cutting board is essential in my kitchen. I use it for so much more than just cutting. Everything from rolling out dough, to serving cheese, to carving a chicken, to staging a flat lay photo happens on this board. I love it because it’s versatile, can be moved throughout the kitchen and is easy to clean up.

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart Pan and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom, 11-Inch

The secret to keeping a tart crust from shrinking when baked is to chill the dough in the refrigerator (30 min) or freezer (15 min) after fitting it into the tart pan. When the dough is well-chilled, fill it or blind bake it according to the recipe instructions.

5 Pcs Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks Reusable Toothpicks Fruit Sticks(Sword)

How fun are these sword cocktail picks in an extra-dirty martini?!

Le Creuset PG1875-0467 Stoneware Pie Bird, Cerise

This adorable pie bird will vent your pies from the bottom up, preventing a soggy lower crust. Just place the bird in the center of your unfilled crust, then spoon the filling around him. Cut a small X in the top crust and fit the bird’s head through it. Bake according to the recipe instructions.

Chloe’s Kitchen 203-167 Madeleine Pan, 12-Cavity

Madeleine’s are a whimsical treat that I make often. Be sure to butter each and every crease in the pan well. After baking, use a fork to gently “pop” the madeleines from the mould.

Cuisinart Nonstick Round Classic Waffle Iron

This is the waffle iron we use almost every weekend. I substitute a bit of cornstarch for some of the flour in the batter and set the temperature to the highest mark (5) to make the waffles extra crispy.

OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker, 24 oz

I love this cocktail shaker for many reasons: it’s stainless steel and can go in the dishwasher, it has the measurements marked inside the lid, and it doesn’t leak. Essential for the home bartender!

Louisiana Heron Artwork by John James Audubon, 35 by 47-Inch Canvas Wall Art

Bob! That’s the name my kids have given to this Audubon Louisiana Heron painting that hangs in our kitchen. I’ve loved the works of John Audubon since I was a child. Now his gorgeous illustrations grace the walls of our home.